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Bar -OH

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20 Downing Street

Tel: (0)1223 319420

Capacity 100

Cambridge's 'best new bar' where you can listen to live music while effectively drinking an ice cream, or play retro games while knocking back shots brimming over with 'smoke'!


The raised stage and theatrical red curtains give it the feel of an old school jazz club while the videogames and novelty cocktails add a modern twist. 

The entrance can be found behind the archways next to the Hilton Hotel on Downing Street.

Tripadvisor Reviews:

"There’s some great retro arcade games like Pac-man and Space Invaders, great for meeting up with friends! Made some lovely friends downstairs who joined us upstairs to play games and drink themed drinks."

"The bar staff are so knowledgeable [and] can make you any cocktail you want. Definitely a place to come to have a fun time with friends and meet fun people. Best night!"

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