TALK: Perfect Pitch 'Myths, Misconceptions, and Learnability'

Tuesday 24th Nov 2020

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Time: 7:30 - 8:30pm

Perfect Pitch, known to scientists as 'Absolute Pitch', is something of a holy grail among musicians. From Mozart to Jacob Collier, people with it are regularly portrayed as gifted geniuses that walk among us. But what actually is it? Is it being able to sing, or recognise, any of the 12 notes without needing a reference note? If so, then it's actually not so rare after all. If not, then what? When we get into the detail it turns out to be remarkably hard to define.


Join Middlesex University lecturer, Jazz pianist, and Cambridge PhD candidate, Sam Leak as he explores the history of weird and wonderful theories surrounding this mysterious ability and its learnability by adults.

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