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Venue: Storey's Field Centre

Storey's Field Centre
Eddington Avenue
Cambridge CB3 1AA

Tel: 01223 656696

This new award winning building, is the very highest quality architecture! Designed by MUMA LLP, the patterned brickwork of the enclosing wall acts to break up the reflections of music or speech to provide a good acoustic, but also suggests patterns of geology in the surrounding landscape. The amount of daylight or the feel of the acoustics can be changed by simply dropping or rising blinds so users can control the environment without complex management systems. 

Directly opposite the building is the restaurant, Kota Restaurant and Turing Lock Hotel.


Eddington is located two miles from central Cambridge between Madingley Road, Huntingdon Road and the M11.

A ten minute cycle ride from the City Centre, there is an extensive cycle parking is available around the development site.

Eddington is also on the Universal Bus route visit for details. Please note that this service stops at 7:30pm. You can also use the Citi 4 bus to Madingley Park and Ride or the Citi 5 bus to Huntingdon Road these run much later but please check the Stagecoach website for details.

Parking is limited on site and all bays are Pay & Display, except for Disabled parking. On road parking at Eddington is free for the first 60 minutes. If you do need to drive, the best and cheapest parking is Madingley Road Park & Ride. Storey’s Field Centre is just a short 10 minute walk away. Use the footpath on the north east side of the car park for a shorter route.

Maps available to download:

Eddington Getting Here Map Dec 17
Universal Bus Route
Full site

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