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The Team

Roslin Russell

Co-founder, Co-Director, Producer & Music Programme Manager

Gil Karpas

Co-Director, Producer, Music Programmer

John Blandford

Co-Director, Cambridge Modern Jazz Music Programmer

Ruth Fisher (Jazz FM)

Board Member

Chris Philliips (Jazz FM)

Board Member

Becky Mann

PR Manager

Press enquiries: 07739 131820

Vij Prakash

Educational Programme Manager

Sam Miles

CYJO Co-ordinator

Harry Knight

Production & Technical Coordinator

Kevin Flanagan

Fringe Artists Co-ordinator

Gavin Spence

Co-founder & Community Projects Co-ordinator

Matt Clark

Media Art & Graphics

Pete Moore

Live Streaming

Festival Organising & Programming Committee:

Roslin Russell (Co-founder)

Gavin Spence (Co-founder)

Harry Knight

Kevin Flanagan

Vij Prakash

Becky Mann

John Blandford (Cambridge Modern Jazz)

Gil Karpas (Creative Culture Capitial)

Rob Tinkler (Cambridge Junction)

Chris Phillips (Jazz FM)

Ruth Fisher (Jazz FM)

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