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FRINGE: Knats + Temor + The Ilfords

Thursday 16th Nov 2023

Venue: The Six Six

Tickets: £10 + booking fee

Time: 20:00-23:00

Age recommendation:


An evening or two modern jazz bands: Temor, local quartet + Knats, Newcastle-based quintet who have supported Vels Trio, and local rock band, The Ilfords


Knats are a quintet led by two lifelong best mates from Newcastle upon Tyne, Stan Woodward (Bass) and King David Ike Elechi (Drums), making dance music with influences from their respective roots of Jazz, Drum and Bass, House and Gospel. Since their recent arrival onto the scene they have already been recognised and broadcasted by major radio stations ’Soho Radio’, BBC Newcastle and WDR 3, play-listed twice by Spotify on their ‘All New Jazz’ playlist, and been on the cover of their ‘Jazz Fresh Finds’ playlist, whilst gigging around the North East and beyond supporting the likes of Vels Trio and Tom Ford. Knats now operates in London, which they prepare to take by storm.



The incredibly fresh Cambridge jazz ensemble Temor are a heavyweight supergroup comprising of four of the heftiest titans of the student music scene in Gabriel Arpino, Wynn Tasker, Finlay Waugh and Judah Daniels. They bring a generous serving of that kind of head-spinning, meat-grinding jazz that you wouldn't tell your grandma she was listening to in case she called the police. Their sound is so cool you'll introduce it to your sister and hope they ride off into the sunset together. Regular stars at some of the finest establishments in the greater Cambridgeshire area and beyond, Temor have been earning genuinely rave reviews and aren't a band to miss.

On the 16th, the Ilfords are coming back to Cambridge, and they're putting on two of the finest up and coming jazz outfits around. Knats, a band led by Stan Woodward and King David Ike Elechi, two best mates from Newcastle upon Tyne, are making their Cambridge debut fresh off the back of making the cover of Spotify's Jazz Fresh Finds playlists and supporting Vels Trio and Tom Ford. Temor are Gabriel Arpino, Wynn Tasker, Finlay Waugh and Judah Daniels and are heavyweights on the Cambridge student music scene. They bring a refreshing take on modern jazz and a wealth of live experience.


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