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FRINGE: Cambridge Electronic Music presents: Yumé NET + DJTRIO + Alex C-S

Thursday 23rd Nov 2023

Venue: The Portland Arms

Tickets: Door £10 / £8 adv

Music: 19:30

Age recommendation:


Featuring an incredible fresh line-up of exciting instrumentalists with intricately creative outlooks on sound, technology and performance. Expect dazzling and unique flavoured blends of nu-jazz, hip-hop, modern jazz, ambient and IDM electronica...all within an enhanced lighting and sound experience.

As our lives move more and more online, the boundaries between the natural and digital world become increasingly blurry. Yumé NET is interested in interrogating these boundaries. Whether it's in her research as a bioelectronics PhD student developing electronics that interface with the human nervous system. Or in her music, where she crafts coruscating and otherworldly musical landscapes that explore what it means to be human in an increasingly online society. Using a meld of modern jazz and experimental electronic music as her framework, Yumé sets out to tell stories about the very personal and very human aspects of her life (platonic love, trans joy, identity, bigotry, community) and how technology has transformed them. Tender but heavy, calculated but full of love, her music invites the listener to join her in exploring what lies between and beyond the 0s and 1s.


Brought together through a shared passion of nu-jazz, electronic music and wonky grooves, DJTRIO are Judah Daniels (piano + synths), Iñigo Ayestaran (electric bass) and Lewis Todd (drums). Formed in 2022, the band quickly took the Cambridge University jazz scene by storm, building upon their individual reputations and captivating audiences with their interlocking sonics, resulting in multiple sold-out shows at Clare Jazz and JazzSoc. By combining their individual talents and creative outlooks, they dip into the playful realms of musical serendipity and technology by, for example, processing bass through obscure pedals, acoustic drums with time-based FX and reactive side-chained synths… all in tandem with impressive licks and encapsulating grooves. Expect a highly dynamic, energetic and eclectic set that incorporates lush soundscapes, rich harmony and frenetic drumbeats.


Birmingham-based Alex C-S is a multi-instrumentalist music producer, performer and film maker, originally from Cambridgeshire. Since graduating from Music Technology at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Alex relocated to continue working on a wide variety of projects as a saxophonist, guitarist, music technologist and videographer, most recently gaining traction as a member of the exciting alternative band, Passive Fix. His solo works draw from a range of influences in jazz, ambient, hip-hop and experimental to blur the lines between vibey nu jazz, downtempo and ambient hip-hop. Expect the saxophone to be used in unique ways, interwinding technique and technology whilst drawing inspirations from Pharaoh Sanders, Shabaka Hutchings and Colin Stetson. Alex works in Ableton Live using the Push with a variety of contact and carefully positioned microphones to live record and layer sounds, augmenting sonic layers and live “remixing”, where elements are recorded and manipulated in real-time through custom configured processing chains. Only recently, Alex has played in the European Parliament building, a number of festival stages including the Chai Wallahs stage and Jazz under the Apple Trees with Joe Broughton's Conservatoire folk Ensemble.


As with all Cambridge Electronic Music shows, expect a heightened immersive experience with additional lighting, top-quality sound and captivating live performances. Cambridge Electronic Music is passionate about producing high-quality live-electronic and experimental musical experiences for Cambridge audiences. If you can, please make sure to follow on social media or via event pages for the latest info on ticket availability and approved point of purchase for this event.


See you there!!


Instagram: @cambridgeelectronicmusic


Facebook: Cambridge Electronic Music


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